Today I want to bring up a current event that will surely make you think, “I should have no reason to be lazy!” This post will show you why age should not be a factor in your fitness life. Bernice Bates is a lovely 91 year-old woman who has been passionate about yoga half of her life. And guess what, she is still a licensed instructor until this day! Bernice Bates actually holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest licensed yoga instructor. Keep in mind that there are yearly certification exams that instructors must take and pass!


Bernice Bates says that yoga for her is a lifestyle rather than a job. This is exactly the mind set that every athlete or fitness enthusiast has! Bernice practices yoga when she wakes up, when she instructs her students and even in her bed before she goes to sleep. Bernice explains that yoga is the best type of exercising there is because it does not exhaust your body. She also criticizes other exercises such as treadmills which exhaust you and discourage you from exercising consistent. Bernice explains that, “Yoga itself means yoke, that’s to join. We join our mind, our body and our spirit in everything we do.”


This woman can be quite inspirational, no matter what is your age, gender or physical built. Bernice proves that all it really takes to stay healthy and motivated is to have the right mind set. Bernice also proves that it is never too late to start getting into fitness. She only started her yoga career in the 1960’s, which means half her life she did not have this passion. Yoga also has immense benefits on your overall health. “I’ve never had anything I had to go to the doctor for, except checkups,” she explained, who tips the scale at 105 pounds and is about 5 foot, 2 inches tall. “That should say something.”


The most important lesson to get out of this is; if you make fitness your passion, it will not be a chore. Staying healthy and fit is a great challenge for Americans, and stories such as this can be inspiring. As Bernice explained, her passion for yoga is the reason she is healthy and strong at her age. Many people at this age end up in nursing homes and lack energy due to poor fitness. After reading Bernice’s story, I am sure inspired to make fitness my lifestyle. So what is your fitness passion?


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