Staying healthy and fit seems like a chore nowadays that most of us have no time for. Many people become discouraged from doing exercises because it seems like a goal that is long term and hard to achieve. This is why we came up with an 8 week plan that makes exercising and eating healthy enjoyable. In this plan we explain how to use the Total Bar properly and in the best possible manner. We also share some of the recipes from our Nutritional Guide to keep the extra calories off of you, and see more results that way!





This first week will just focus on you becoming used to staying healthy, and not becoming scared off by the dedication you will have to put into this. The exercises you will be performing will not be advanced yet, and you will not have to be extremely strict with the healthy living. Also, this week will mainly focus on the calorie burning aspect of fitness, and not too much on strength training.
NUTRITION: We recommend throughout our whole plan to have about 5-6 meals a day. You should also enjoy a sugar-less beverage with all of these meals. Since this is just the first week you are allowed TWO cheat days. Meaning two days you can eat, drink whatever you please. The purpose of cheat days is to keep you encouraged.
FITNESS: The fitness routines will usually only last fifteen minutes. Our belief in Fitryo is that fitness should be for everyone: people who do not have much time during their day to exercise and people. For the first week the exercises will be more centered on weight loss than strength training. Weight loss exercises are typically easier to do and less tiring. You will perform exercises such as: jumping jax and basic Total Bar exercises that are easy to perform.




Now that you are used to a healthy lifestyle, it is time to push your limits a little bit. The second week is crucial because it will usually decide if you will stay consistent with the program or if you will decide to give up. This is why in this week we recommend to make the fitness aspect a little more challenging.
NUTRITION: The nutrition factor this week will be very similar to the previous week. Of course we recommend switching up the recipes which you cook. By switching up the recipes every week you will make your journey more enjoyable. This week you will also keep two cheat days, in which you can eat whatever you please.
FITNESS: The workouts this week will become a little more challenging. This week you will switch from the weight-loss focused exercises, to muscle firming type of exercising. In order to accomplish this you will now switch from the first week’s jumping jacks exercises that were performed before and after the Total Bar workouts to pushups instead. These pushups depend on your current physical capability, be it the amount of push ups or the form in which you do them. You will also begin to try out more complex Total Bar exercises, but will keep doing most of the basic ones still.





The third week will now become to really challenge you. This is the part in which you will combine calorie burning exercises with toning exercises. The combination of both of these will get you sweating more and will be a little harder.
NUTRITION: Nutrition wise you will once again have an identical schedule. The only difference this week is that you will decrease your cheat days from two days to one day. This will of course be a painful switch, since you only have one day in the whole week to choose what to eat. Once again we recommend switching up the recipes from the previous weeks to keep this part of the plan fun and exciting. The Fitryo Nutritional Guide has many recipes for these purposes.
FITNESS: It is crucial for your fitness goals to combine calorie burning exercises with strength training. It is when you combine both of these factors, then you typically see the goals you set for yourself come to reality. We usually recommend starting to do some jogging or high intensity interval training before you begin your Total Bar workouts. The Total Bar workouts will only be different this week. You will begin to focus more on the advanced workouts and you will increase your reps from 30-45 seconds to 45-60 seconds each.




Wow! By this time you are half done with the eight week program. This stage is something to be proud of, but you cannot stop your drive just yet. Matter of fact, this is the time to really push yourself. Your nutritional schedule will not change much. But your exercising will now be even longer than before and you will focus only on complex Total Bar exercises.
NUTRITION: This week nothing changes for your nutrition plan. Of course we also recommend picking different recipes from the Fitryo Nutritional guide once again to keep the excitement going.
FITNESS: So by now you have been introduced to weight loss exercises and strength exercises. This week you will once again combine both of them, however you will make both exercises longer in duration and add a little more sets to each. Also, the entire Total Bar training will be expert level by this time. Meaning you will really get a burn from your fitness training!





This is the turning point in your nutritional aspect of the plan, because you are getting rid of the cheat day. Meaning there are no more cheat days! Fitness wise, you will be very much the same thing.
NUTRITION: So no more cheat days. Now you are stuck with healthy recipes and sugar-less drinks. But you are eating 5-6 meals a day! That is plenty of food. Fitryo also has delicious healthy recipes. Do not be upset and encourage the beautiful body that you are achieving.
FITNESS: This week you are performing very similar exercises to last week’s routines. The Total Bar workouts that you will be performing this week, however, will be done until exhaustion. Meaning, you will be performing these exercises until you cannot do them anymore. This will get the best strength training results out of you, and give you those firm arms, leg and abs that you always wanted.




At this point you are really repeating the previous week’s routines. The only thing you will incorporate this week is using the Total Bar in your cardio.
NUTRITION: Change up your recipes. Otherwise, everything stays the same! NO CHEAT DAYS.
FITNESS: The biggest change here is the fact that you will either be shaking the Total Bar while jogging. Or if this is too difficult for you, you can just hold it without shaking it. This will make your fitness a little more challenging.





This is the point of no return. You already came this far, and you are already seeing tremendous results. At this point it is all about consistency. You have the Nutritional guide and can experiment with various meals as you have been doing. Your fitness routine will remain the same. Make sure you are not slacking off every day. We even recommend writing your accomplishments down at this point so you stay focused and you stay on track.




This was a long eight week journey. But you got this far and you will for sure be consistent. Now look at your body, embrace its beauty, you have made it!