About Us

Fitryo is all about a healthy state of life. We believe that the best and most convenient way to lead a healthy life is to make fitness fun. Once you begin to enjoy your workout and nutrition plan, you will begin to look forward to your workout . You will feel better, look better and live better in no time!

Fitryo’s first fun innovative product is the Total Bar. The Total Bar is a slick and light workout tool that is easy to use and overly addictive. After your first workout you will not want to put it down. The Total Bar trick is that it applies approximately 1.5 pounds of resistance to your muscles every swing. Swinging at a frequency of 270 swings per minute, Total Bar will have you feeling like you have been working out for over an hour in less than 15 minutes. The Total Bar is also very convenient, it can be used anywhere: your house, the beach, the park or even your office! The Total Bar is a multi-purpose tool, good for: weight loss, toning, sports, rehabilitation and yoga.

Fitryo believes that in order for you to receive the full fitness experience you should pair your fun workout with a delicious set of daily meals. That is why the Fitryo went through hundreds of recipes when creating its Nutritional Guide. The Fitryo Nutritional Guide is packed with a week full of easy and delicious recipes. The Guide also provides calorie calculators and techniques to help substitue recipes, for those that are on-the-go and cannot keep up with the full Fitryo plan.

So why wait when you could be losing weight with the exciting Fitryo Total Bar.


We would like to that Dennis Trifonov for all photos and videos on the website.