Total Bar can aid you whether:


√ You are that muscle man at the gym trying to tone up
√ An average Joe struggling with stubborn fat
√ A lover of yoga
√ An athlete looking to gain more core stability
√ Somebody who just suffered an injury and is attempting to make a quick recovery


Total Bar allows for you to accomplish 270 reps through a one minute workout. This is why the Total Bar has the best core exercises. This multi-rep training targets the core muscles in your body through core strength exercises, which are the stubborn areas that are hard to target and tone up. To read more about how the Total Bar can be used for toning, click here. The Total Bar is also a great cardio style workout to learn more about how the Total Bar can help you lose weight, click here.


Total Bar is a light workout bar that has endless capabilities. Its light weight permits yoga lovers to incorporate the bar in their yoga regimes. To learn more about how the Total Bar can benefit you with yoga, click here. Total Bar is a great tool for athletes that are looking to build up core stability. To learn more about how Total Bar can benefit athletes, click here. Total Bar uses vibration technology, which was initially designed to rehabilitate injuries. Physical Therapy offices throughout the world utilize vibration technology when it comes to putting injured muscles back to work. To learn how the Total Bar can be used for rehabilitation, click here.*


*The Total Bar is not a medical device. Fitryo Inc. cannot provide medical advice, and makes no claims as to proven benefits. If you feel that use of the Total Bar is causing harm, stop using immediately and consult a health care provider if necessary. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Fitryo Inc. be responsible for indirect, special, or incidental damages that can arise in connection with our product, or any acts associated therewith or relating to the use of our product.