Muscle injuries can disrupt your lifestyle and may be costly. Vibrating your muscles is a technique used around the world for muscle rehabilitation. Automated Muscle Contraction Technology used by the Total Bar vibrates your muscles 270 times per minute. This technology allows for your blood vessels to expand and receive more blood flow. More blood flow in your muscles, therefore, rebuilds them quicker and rids of your injury. Total Bar can be a great solution for many kinds of muscle injuries. Fitryo Inc. urges you to consult a professional regarding your injury, to see if the Total Bar is right for you. Exercising the damaged area with the Total Bar will help strengthen and repair your muscle. If an injured muscle is not properly rehabilitated, in due time this muscle will become very weak and no longer operate as it did before. So don’t wait consult a professional to see if Total Bar can help your muscle injuries!*
*The Total Bar is not a medical device. Fitryo Inc. cannot provide medical advice, and makes no claims as to proven benefits. If you feel that use of the Total Bar is causing harm, stop using immediately and consult a health care provider if necessary. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Fitryo Inc. be responsible for indirect, special, or incidental damages that can arise in connection with our product, or any acts associated therewith or relating to the use of our product.