Total Bar is the perfect equipment for any athlete or sports lover. Many times athletes need an easy and simple way to strengthen a specific muscle or group of muscles, and the Total Bar is perfect for this purpose. The Total Bar is also a great way to build your balance in certain sports that require it to be above average. The Total Bar also reduces the chances of muscle injury in any sport, due to the strengthening of the muscles worked out by it. The super-rep exercises that can be accomplished will aid:

• A baseball player to strengthen his or her arms
• A soccer player to strengthen his or her legs
• A basketball player to strengthen his or her upper body
• A football player can strengthen his core which will help keep him on his feet
• A golf player can build his or her core for better posture
• A surfer can strengthen his or her core which help with balance

As you can see the Total Bar exercises can aid you to excel in virtually any sport requiring balance or use of your core muscles. It is also perfect for specifically targeting muscles that are hard to workout. You can also workout one arm at a time to target your weaker arm. Many sports athletes have already started using the Total Bar and have seen significant results within the first couple of weeks!