Weight Loss

Most people’s number one goal in life is to stay healthy. The main way to keep your body healthy is to maintain a healthy body weight. Many people find that accomplishing weight loss is not an easy task and often rely on crash diets and other unhealthy tactics to achieve their goals.
Burning calories is the main goal for anyone who is trying to lose weight. The main way to lose calories is to speed up your heart rate. The easiest way to speed up your heart rate is to do a lot of reps in a short period of time. This causes you to really feel the burn as your muscles work hard.
Total Bar allows you to effortlessly do 270 reps per minute. How does that sound for a weight losing strategy? But how exactly does Total Bar allow you to do so many reps so effortlessly? One simple answer: automated muscle contraction technology. This revolutionary technology forces your body to control the bar’s movement. This then causes your muscle fibers to warm up, which translates to a higher heart rate and an awesome fat burning workout.
Fitryo also provides a Nutritional Guide that provides great advice as to how balance your calorie intake in your daily consumption. With a healthy diet from Fitryo’s Nutritional Guide and regular workouts with the Total Bar you can make weight loss fun and effortless!