What's Included

Training Booklet – When you order the Total Bar you receive Fitryo’s training booklet with over 20 exercises that you can do with the Total Bar. There are exercises to target any muscles that you like. Each exercise comes with detailed instructions, images, and tips to ensure that you are working out correctly. The booklet also includes two work out schedules spanning one week. One schedule helps you lose weight and the other helps you achieve a toned body. The purpose of the Training Booklet is to teach you how to use the Total Bar so that ultimately you can start making up your own exercises and having fun. The Total Bar is very versatile so as long as you are swinging the Total Bar you are exercising. Dont be afraid to try new things. If you created an exercise and are unsure of what muscle group you are targeting feel free to ask us via email us at, CustomerService@fitryo.com

Nutritional Guide – The Total Bar is a great workout tool to get yourself into shape. However, it is also important to realize how crucial it is to maintain a healthy diet. That is why Fitryo tested hundreds delicious recipes when creating its Nutritional Guide. The Fitryo Nutritional Guide is packed with a week full of easy and delicious recipes. Eating healthy should never be boring or unappetizing, that is why Fitryo made sure to make it fun and tasty!The booklet also provides a couple of easy formulas in order to help you understand what your daily calorie intake should be. The default recommended daily intake is 2,000 calories, but this not true for everybody. This is why the Nutritional Guide helps you customize your meal plan to fit your personal needs, as well as substitute meals if you are on-the-go.

Training Poster – It is important that you can do your exercises with ease so in addition to a Training Booklet we also provide a training poster. This is to allow you to quickly reference your favorite exercises. As you learn how to use the Total Bar, we encourage you to make up your own exercises. This will make your Total Bar experience even more enjoyable.
Carrying Bag – We encourage you to take your Total Bar outside. So in order to make your Total Bar conveniently portable you will receive a specially designed carrying bag with your Total Bar. This is going to come in handy if you want to take your bar to the park, the beach, a fitness class, or even your office.