Strength Training Equipment Is Evolving

Evolution of Strength Training Equipment

The history of strength training equipment goes way back down in time. Staying in shape has always been important for mankind, especially during the hunting era when being strong was essential for survival. People used to use rocks, sandbags and jugs as strength training equipment. Later on the Greeks created the first modern looking “free weight” equipment. Eventually in the 1950’s treadmills and fitness machines were invented. Now in the 21st century people are using more innovative and functional strength training equipment such as resistance bands and the Fitryo Total Bar.

The Greeks introduced the first free weights, which are similar in forms to what we are familiar with today. The Greeks designed their equipment as halterers. Halterers were used more for sports. The typical way to hold these weights would be by gripping it through a hole. The Greeks never bothered to expand their strength training equipment, since the halterers were greatly popular as they were. The next strength training equipment innovation would not come for nearly eight centuries!

In 1875 doctors began to design a cardiovascular machine in order to calculate the bodies hear-rate during physical activity. This machine began to become known as the treadmill. The treadmill, however, was not used for fitness purposes until the 1950’s. In the 1950’s, many businessmen saw the potential of the treadmill as an exercise machine rather than just a medical tool. Many corporations began to reproduce and compete in the treadmill business thereafter.

Another type of strength training equipment that was only introduced in recent times was a weight machine. Machines with wired weights were not invented until the 1950’s. Jack LaLanne was an American fitness innovator who is the first person to be credited for designing many weight machines. He designed multiple cable pulley machines that most of us are familiar with today in our gyms.

For the past thirty years, strength training equipment has been constantly upgraded and updated. People have less time to spend on working out and it is important for them to build and tone muscles in the least amount of time. Many companies, such as us, have been releasing home exercise equipment that saves time and produces phenomenal muscle building results! Our Total Bar is productive and portable making it the ultimate strength training equipment. The Fitryo Total Bar allows for a multi-rep workout targeted towards any muscle in your body. Save your time and money on fancy equipment and gym memberships, try Total Bar risk free today.