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Terry uses her Total Bar to strengthen her lower back after her hip replacement. Click here to read more.
Lisa uses her Total Bar as a “fun alternative” to a simple workout. Click here to read more.
Terry uses her Total Bar for deep stretching. Click here to read more.
When Shondra uses the Total Bar she feels the “burn”. Click here to read more.
Mishelle says its the “Perfect home gym!” Click here to read more.


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  • I'm so satisfied with my purchase. I've been paying so much for gyms for the past ten years, and barely went because I was too lazy to leave my house. The total bar sits right next to me in my room and it always reminds me to workout, and the results have been phenomenal so far.
  • I love fitness gadgets. It's always fun to try something new, to work out muscles in different ways, and to shake things up to prevent boredom and burnout. I used the Total Bar as a "fun alternative" to a simple workout. Read full review here.
  • I play volleyball and I needed to strengthen my core muscles to get my technique better. Then I came across the total bar and started using it and it's been strengthening my arms wonderfully!
  • I have a lot of problems with my lower back because of a Hip Replacement when I was in my 30's. This exercise helps me stretch my back and anytime I can stretch my lower back it keeps me from going to the chiropractor and spending all kinds of money. Read the full reviews here.
  • I'm not going to lie...my husband and I joked about its similarity to the Shake Weight. But all joking aside, I've used it and can tell you that this bar is no joke. Read the full review here.
  • I got this Lite Package because I wasn't really looking for a Nutritional Guide since I eat healthy as it is. The total bar is a fun and simple to use and I'm already seeing significant results in my first week of using it. The training booklet is also nicely formatted and the schedule page really got me on track.
  • My girlfriend and I love to workout together and I kept looking for an equipment that we can both use and get sufficient workouts from. Then I stumbled upon Fitryo's ultimate package and purchased it. My girlfriend and I have been getting amazing workouts from the total bar and we also started using the nutritional guide's recipes which she loves to cook.
  • I got the complete package and loved it. The workouts are easy, yet productive. Lost like 2 pounds first week in!
  • This workout bar has definitely exceeded my expectations. It's portable and I enjoy using it everyday, even if its not for a long period of time. I still feel the results, regardless of the time spent using it.
  • At first I was quite hesitant about purchasing the Total Bar. I mean... it looked a little silly and I did not think that I can see good results from it. However, I've heard a lot of good reviews about it and decided to check it out. My arms and chest are always sore after using the Total Bar and the workout is really effective. The booklet is also easy on the eyes and has many interesting exercises.
  • I'm your average busy college girl who works part-time and going to the gym just wasn't an option. A friend of mine recommended the total bar so I purchased their most affordable package about three weeks ago and its been awesome! I especially love the exercise where you lay down on your back and shake the bar, my abs get the greatest workout from it!
  • I am a fitness junkie and when I got my hands on the total bar it was a match made in heaven. The bar is so fun and straight-forward to use that i got my whole family hooked on it!
  • I have done posts before on exercises for my neck and shoulders, they were okay.. but this Fitryo Total Bar really gave me a good workout. Read the full review here.
  • This has to be the best home fitness tool out there. I can workout whichever muscle I want with the Total Bar and the Workout guide is very well written.