We urge you to be careful while using the Total Bar. The rubber weights can become dangerous, if they were to hit anything during an exercise. You should make sure you have enough room around you before beginning your workout. The Total Bar could damage an item if you are not aware of your surroundings. Refer to the picture on the side for the proper amount of space you should have when working out
If you have a history of cardiovascular disorders, arthritis, or any health related issues it is your responsibility to contact your health care provider before using the Total Bar. The Total Bar should not be used by those suffering from acute injuries, such as whiplash, sprain. The Total Bar is not a medical device. Fitryo Inc. cannot provide medical advice, and makes no claims as to proven benefits. If you feel that use of the Total Bar is causing harm, stop using immediately and consult a health care provider if necessary. Furthermore, under no circumstances will Fitryo Inc. be responsible for indirect, special, or incidental damages that can arise in connection with our product, or any acts associated therewith or relating to the use of our product. Fitryo Inc. shall not be liable for injury or possible damages attributable to Customer’s negligence in the use of the bar.